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First -year abroad is the Most Challenging!

International students and parents love the “Settlement and Supportive Services” we offer in the first year. 

How We Help

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How We Help as British Counsel Trained Student Consultants

  • MUKSE consultants are fully trained and qualified. Our consultants use their knowledge to help you with important decisions. We have developed professional relations with representatives. Many from well-known universities in England, Wales and Scotland. We regularly organise visits to universities to provide the best service. Studying in the UK opens many doors.
  • The information we gather allows us to help you make the best possible decision. We look at the most important criteria including academic and personal interests. Our consultants look at what the student seek from university. Current lifestyle, independence levels and the social life they’re seeking. This means we can explore the hundreds of possible choices in the best interests of the student. We also prepare all our consultees on student life and what they can look forward to. 
  • Organize frequent visits to their real campus environments.

This enables us to compare the available programs based on various criteria, but most importantly, criteria that are important to you and your family back home. When we work together we want to understand the career and academic interests of each student, their previous lifestyle, independence level, the type of environment, lifestyle and social environment you are looking for and the type of social life and lifestyle you are prepared to handle as a new student. This is so that we can explore together the best possible programs and locations from the hundreds of choices available.

Student accommodation at Swansea Bay Campus with a bike storage

Settlement & Supportive Services

We continuously support students throughout their time at university. We can help with: Student Accommodation, Student Unions, Social clubs, Workshops. If students wish to work while they study. We can support them in finding suitable part-time work, internship opportunities and charity work. For those students who may want additional help. We have the connections to offer language support and private tutors. We also support students who may need help with Mental Health counselling.

We know that students and parents can worry about the right type of student accommodation, on or off-campus. We’ve made sure to verify all on-campus student accommodation. We also research possible off-campus living arrangements. It then comes down to the students and parents and how comfortable they are with the options. Students may want to take into account other commitments when deciding where to live. We’ll be there to help make this decision far easier.

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As a part of a large international sector network and through the supportive services, we are ready to assist you by helping you to connect with various academic and non-academic bodies that you will need throughout your education, including Student Unions, social clubs, student workshops, mental health counselling, part-time employment, internship opportunities,  language support, tutors and many others. We know from experience that you will feel and do better when you know you have someone who you can contact locally after you settle into your new school. If you need support while you are studying here, we will be happy to direct you to the available sources.  

From UK based Independent Consultancy Firm

MUKSE is a UK based Independent consultancy company, therefore our consultees have privilege to receive objective, resourceful guidance that keep their interest priority. We are located in Greater London, 20 minutes away from Liverpool Station in Central London. We are easily reachable through a visit, phone or email whenever you have any questions while you are studying in the UK.

Gul Morales, Managing Consultant for MUKSE

Gul is living and working in the UK as an independent higher education consultant for international students. She is a British Council trained consultant, who studied Public Relations. She continued her education with a Master’s in Counselling Psychology with a specialisation in Education Counselling. 

Gul is continuing her own career and education journey, as she sees it, as a lifelong personal development adventure. She has previously lived and worked in Turkey, Dubai, and London in reputable organisations from private and public sectors. Microsoft, Caterpillar, Gasco, Turkish Embassy in London are few to name. She has frequently travelled to countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and worked with students from the UAE, other Gulf countries, and Turkey and Spain, who wish to continue their education in the United Kingdom. She works as part of multilingual consultants networks, and MUKSE can deliver services to English, Turkish, Arabic and Spanish speaking students and consultees.  

Fatma Coskun , UAE Representative of MUKSE

Fatma Coskun is a University Lecturer and Educator with over 20 years of experience. She worked in the Department of Foreign Languages in various prestigious higher education institutes in Turkey and Dubai. Marmara University, Emirates Aviation College and Canadian University in Dubai are among them.

She is an English Linguistic Graduate with a Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management. She also attended and partially completed the PhD project in Business Management and Organization. As an Education professional and a mother of 2 children (at the ages of 26 and 16 ), she is highly knowledgeable about High School Curriculums in the UAE and Gulf region. 

Currently, as a Higher Education and Curriculum Adviser, Fatma is representing MUKSE UK’s Higher Education Consultancy services in the United Arab Emirates.


Profile: Antoniya Velikova, Social Media- Marketing Assistant

Antoniya joined MUKSE, after studying Art, Design, and Media and acted as a college ambassador for those subjects while at Havering College. She worked in the education and retail sector, supporting international student inquiries as well as holding leadership and training roles. She is passionate about art, media, and photography.

Antoniya is helping Mukse grow its website and social media by creating posts and videos regarding MUKSE’s campus visits, interviews with students, universities’ admissions and academics.

Antoniya’s favourite side hobby is photography. As an international student herself, Antoniya enjoys taking part in helping other students get to know the UK’s universities and colleges more closely through sharing news and updates about the Higher Education Sector in the UK.

Supported by Industry Experts and Academicians

with MUKSE Higher Education Consultancy, Work Placement Services are supported by Academicians and Sector Experts. In various disciplines such as IT,  Medicine, Media studies, Art-Music-Drama as well Oxbridge applications our students receive specialist support.

For Special Entry Programs exam and interview preparations, we work with experienced Associate Consultants with successful records.

Fatima Hashem, Supporting Associate Consultant for MUKSE

Fatima is a Media development practitioner; expert in the political and media scene in the MENA region, Master graduate from the University of Sussex on Media Practice for Development and Social Change. She has been working for the Internews MENA department since May 2015. Fatima is currently a Project Manager, managing the capacity building programme of independent Syrian, Jordanian, and Libyan media and information providers including grants & trainings and a serious game development. She has also set up and run the program’s information ecosystem/context monitoring and analysis mechanism, which has driven strategy, design, and project reviews, as well as designing the Syria project gender strategy. On the other hand, Fatima has been a consultant for many Syrian media outlets advising them on formulating their editorial strategy and profile.

She holds a BSc in Economy from the University of Damascus. Her previous work experience includes IWPR, Hivos and Amnesty International. She is fluent in Arabic, Spanish, English, and French.

MUKSE LTD, highly appreciate her efforts and support to our services and guidance to international students who are interested to study in wide range of Media and Marketing Communications studies.

Ryan Greenhill profile photo
Ryan Greenhill, Student Services Coordinator-London

Ryan has joined the team as Admin Assistant and Student Services Coordinator. He handles correspondence with the Universities’ Admission-Registration teams. Ryan is the point of contact for prospective students’ applications to the universities selected together with our consultants, helping you on your way to further education.

Ryan has recently graduated from the University of Hull, England obtaining a BSc in Geology. During his time at university, he planned and ran many projects, including a six-week mapping project based in Anglesey, North Wales.

Kickstart Team
MUKSE joins Kickstart Employment Scheme

At MUSKE Education Consultancy, we are excited to be taking part in the Kickstart Placement Scheme. While developing their skills and knowledge further, our new joiners will be supporting MUKSE land students at the right Unis all over the UK.


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