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7th Sep. 2021 -26th Jan. 2022

Undergraduate Program Applications to the UK Universities


4th July 2022 

Deadline to add an Extra choice


15th October  2022 

Application deadline for OXBRIDGE &  Majority Medicine- Dentistry Undergraduate Programs


MUKSE Higher Education Consultancy offers experienced, friendly and resourceful guidance to International students & parents.

How We Help

MUKSE is an independent consultancy, we guide students during every part of the decision-making period. By focussing on one-to-one consulting, we make sure to find the right university for you. Here you can understand how we help.


We explore the best possible programs and locations from the hundreds of choices available. MUKSE ensures every student finds a university that fulfils their expectations. With an extensive knowledge of the UK education system, our consultants will be able to help.


You can keep up-to-date on our university visits and social media updates from MUKSE. We also have additional blogs and FAQs that you may find useful.

Why choose us?

MUKSE Higher Education Consultancy in the UK delivers clear, unbiased advice to International students and parents. We cover all higher education institutions in the UK that offer undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD courses. We know the challenges that international students face – from research to selection and the decision-making stages. It helps to have appropriate support and guidance from experts.

We aim to find the perfect program for the individual and that’s why every consultancy is treated personally. MUKSE helps by doing the searching for you. This means we learn what you want from studying in the UK to find the right courses for you. With a wide range of programs, MUKSE has the expertise to help.

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MUKSE takes the confusion out of the equation.

  • There are 167 higher education providers listed in the 2017-2018 HESA data.  
  • 132 institutions with university status, 5 university colleges, and more than 240 colleges. 
  • Over 50,000 undergraduate courses by 395 providers. 
  • Students who use online postgraduate course search tools can receive as many as 18,000-20,000 search results. 

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Perhaps you have already discovered that…

  • Higher education providers’ websites and marketing materials usually include similar information, photos and fee structures.
  • Agents in your own country may surely do their job in the best possible way. Some agents represent universities, which means they promote certain institutions and college programs. They can limit your options to a few that aren’t in your best interests. 
  • Every university offers a variety of opportunities. We take great care in making sure all universities are seen as diverse facilities. 

The UK is one of the best locations for education in the world. Many of the universities are acclaimed for being at the top of their fields. Investment in education is one of the keys to worldwide opportunities. Our consultants provide an in-depth, personalised guide to your educational options.

Serious investment in your education & future career goals, and a key to worldwide opportunities

If you see this opportunity as a serious investment in your education and future career goals. This is the key to worldwide opportunities, then you will need to have better and more in-depth information about your options here in the UK. 

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  • How do previous students rate their satisfaction in many areas? 
  • Do they deliver the curriculum in a traditional or modern style?
  • What was the employment rate of students after graduation? 
  • What type of salaries did they achieve when starting their first jobs? 
  • How helpful are they in terms of creating internship opportunities? 
  • Financial support, bursary capacity, and the learning support provided to international students are a few of the important factors to name. 

We are able to help each and every student with their choices. As independent consultants, we are here to guide and mentor students during every part of the decision-making period; before, during and after their decision.

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